Coca-Cola İçecek has acquired a compact end of line type display to palletize in carton trays. A Line with 10 different bottle formats with a very versatile equipment with a production capacity of 10,000 bottles per hour.

AND&OR keeps successfully installing its display palletizing systems, both compact and flexible, easy to adapt to different bottle formats, without the need of changing grippers or other parts.

The integration of several applications in one machine seeks saving costs and space in the factory. Thus the equipment includes a bottle divider, a tray former and a palletizer in only one block.

The project included the launching and transport of bottles from the existing line to a tray palletizer, dividing the production in two parallel ends of lines.


The display palletizing offers big advantages to manufacturers, distributors and final consumers:

  • Saving in materials (less carton, glue, film).
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Best use of space in pallet, increasing the number of bottles per pallet.
  • Reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Better handling of the product at the point of sale.

Please contact our technical department for more information.