Project Description

Our system VLS-R makes leak control on closed bottles/packaging through pressure decay test.

Its simple, strong and high technology design make it highly reliable, sensitive and precise for productions from 6.000 until 24.000 bph (depending on model and headstock numbers of rotary system).

It is an automatic rotary machine, with electronic equipment based on micro-processor AND&OR. The test is made in a bell closing hermetically, inside there are the closed bottles (full or empty), then the emptiness is made, and the evolution of pressure is calculated during a given period of time. Rejecting the bottles/packaging with a leakage at its output.


Mechanical characteristics:

  • Kit made in stainless steel and fairing in PET.
  • Rotary bearing in stainless steel with ball bearing, axial radio and centralized coupling greasing.
  • Rotary group of continuous movements by hips, synchronized bells with headstocks, designed to create a tight camera around the bottle.
  • Machine supply by a worm gear screw through a conveyor belt with inlet/outlet stars.
  • Refusal unit for defective bottles.
  • Motor/inverter 0,75 HP and reduction drag motor, allowing to select machine speed and performance.

Electronic equipment based on micro-processor AND&OR, allowing :

  • Automatic calibration of leakage detection.
  • Sensitivity 0.1 mbar (leak detection until 0,15 mm diameter, in 1L, independent from the bottle shape and temperature, and atmospheric conditions).
  • Selection of the bottle quality required (Premium, Normal).
  • Touch panel (Display) for parameters programming and visualization, production indication (bottle/hour), tested bottles number, good and bad bottles number, quantitative test result (leakage). Sign of illuminated or/and resonant alarm if it exists a defective bottle with value of the cause on screen.
  • Output for digital transmission of data to PC (optional).
  • Double air circuit (ozoned and normal).


  • Reception from positioner/blower.
  • Bottles conveyor belt.
  • Download of statistics on USB.


  • Leak tester in empty bottle by pressure decay.
  • Leak tester in cap zone for empty bottle by pressure decay.
  • Vision systems.
  • Bottle handling and conveying.
  • Depalletizing/Debagging.
  • Palletizing/Bagging.
  • End of line, customized automation projects.


Electric supply: 380 Vac. (3PH+N) 50/60 Hz.

Installed power machine: 600 W.

Pneumatic supply: from 6 to 8 bar.

Air consumption: 200 Nlt / min.

Production: The maximum production will be determinate by bottle volume and headstock number in machine.

Dimensions: depending on the model, and headstock number.


  • CHECK finishing, water tightness, resistance.
  • NOTICE for defective bottles continuity.
  • SELECT defective bottles for leakage, micro leakage.
  •  VISUALIZE checking data and production.

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