• TC – Belt conveyors (sliding or adherent): straight conveyors.
  • TCHP – Chain conveyor: built in stainless steel, they include a flexing chain so that curves can be used in a single motorized section.
  • TCFL – Nylon chain conveyors: built with an aluminum conveyor beam and a nylon chain. Sharp curves can be made in small spaces. The greatest advantage of this type of conveyor is it is maintenance-free.
  • TA – Air conveyors: pneumatic conveyors built in stainless steel. Guides regulation can be manual or automatic. They are recommended when working at high production rates with light, petaloids and/or unsteady bottles.
Divider-filled bottles

For the turning and positioning of bottles, AND&OR offers diverse systems depending on bottles’ shape, line speed, turning degree (45°, 90°, 180°, etc.). Our models can be pneumatic, motorized and servo-motorized.

AND&OR’s accumulation systems guarantee the uninterrupted running of the bottle line in reduced space in order to maximize production efficiency. Our models are adequate either PET/HPE empty or filled bottles.


Accumulation table