AND&OR manufactures all sorts of conveyors, including its belts or chains, conveyor beams, low friction guides and vacuum systems when required.The models manufactured are mainly:

  • TC – Belt conveyors (sliding or adherent): straight conveyors.
  • TCHP – Chain conveyor: built in stainless steel, they include a flexing chain so that curves can be used in a single motorized section.
  • TCFL – Nylon chain conveyors: built with an aluminum conveyor beam and a nylon chain. Sharp curves can be made in small spaces. The greatest advantage of this type of conveyor is it is maintenance-free.
  • TA – Air conveyors: pneumatic conveyors built in stainless steel. Guides regulation can be manual or automatic. They are recommended when working at high production rates with light, petaloids and/or unsteady bottles.
Bottle elevator conveyor
conveyors unification
conveyor curve


For the turning and positioning of bottles, AND&OR offers diverse systems depending on bottles’ shape, line speed, turning degree (45°, 90°, 180°, etc.). Our models can be pneumatic, motorized and servo-motorized.

Accumulation tables

AND&OR’s accumulation systems guarantee the uninterrupted running of the bottle line in reduced space in order to maximize production efficiency. Our models are adequate either PET/HPE empty or filled bottles.


  • Compactness: saves space in comparison to traditional accumulation systems.
  • Better surface/time accumulation.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • No risk of bottleneck formation.
  • For 2 steps PET blow molding, it accumulates the bottles coming from preforms’ oven in case of line stoppage, avoiding the manual replacement of bottles into the conveyors during line start up.
Accumulation table