AND&OR is specialized in packaging process automation. Our pallet conveying lines guarantee the production Flow and manage efficiently the transport through the facility, following the real need of the customer and optimizing the logistic processes.

  • Pallet roller or chain conveyors, turning devices, elevators and 90º transfers.
  • Automatic pallet storage, stack or dispenser.
  • Automatic carriage for transporting pallets long-distance without obstructing transit areas with fix conveyors.
  • Integration of wrapping machines (turning plate/arm/ring).
  • Integration of strapping machines (vertical/horizontal).
  • Integration of pallet labeling machines.
  • AGV – Automatic Guided Vehicle. It allows the transport of pallets, boxes, layers, etc. It can be easily integrated in existing production plants, with no need of machine movements or civil works, thanks to its design and operational flexibility.

Guided cart

Platfrom AGV with battery charge
Guided cart with electric supply by induction or catenary
  • Bidirectional: guided by magnetic tape
  • Omnidirectional: with natural SLAM navigation

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