Machinery for the bottling and blow molding industries


AND&OR offers depalletizing systems for plastic, metallic and glass bottles. For plastic bottles, the combined palletizing/depalletizing system avoids the installation of silos and positioners, saving space and installations.



AND&OR offers automatic debagging machines for glass and plastic bottles. Protecting the bottles against human handling or contamination by external agents. Designed for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Inserción de asas

Handle applicators

AND&OR handle applicator systems allow the insertion of both neck and lateral handles for low, medium or high production rates.

Paletizado final de línea

End of line palletizing

AND&OR offers different solutions for palletizing filled bottles: compact and flexible, with bigger or less autonomy, for low or medium production rates.

Estraccion de sopladora

Take out

AND&OR offers endless possibilities to extract and/or receive bottles from the blower, regardless if it is PET o polyethylene or the specific type of blower.

Control de calidad

Quality control

Linear and rotary leak testers for empty and filled bottles.
Weight testers.
Camera vision control.



Using this type of packaging saves costs and offers the best hygiene for the bagged products.

Paletizado final de línea

Palletizing – Empty bottles

AND&OR packaging and palletizing systems allow placing plastic bottles automatically into carton trays. They can be automatic and semi-automatic systems.

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Surgical masks

22 December, 2020|0 Comments

The automatic production line is capable of manufacturing three-layer protective surgical masks with ultrasonic welding system for mask assembly.

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